The NYDJ (Not Your Daughter’s Jean) company nailed it! Shopping for clothes at 60….(I hate saying that number!),  I’ve found that there is a fine line between fashionable and frumpy. Not only that, but the body changes and the weight gain are a thing to recon with.

The other day, while golfing, a friend of mine said she was so frustrated because none of her golf skirts fit, and she was so uncomfortable. We watched women on the course, and men, whose flab, for lack of a better word, showed through in shirts…and it wasn’t pretty. Exercise and eating right is all great for health, but getting older is what it is.

I love the ads from Chicos; a young, thin, fashionable woman rocking a great outfit. For some reason, I don’t rock those outfits quite the same way. I’ve moved from fitted and foxy to flowy and flattering. So now, I’m on a search for great looking clothes that aren’t overpriced and will weather the trends.

One thing I know, I don’t want to be pegged as wearing last year’s version of anything. So the trick is to be creative, stay ahead of the trend, and don’t worry that its not in style. Everyone has to create their own.

I found some INCREDIBLE fashion trends to shop for! Flowy & Flattering light summer sexy dressing! ……..Loving  these brands…..

                     2594715011._CB308835175_SR120,50_ and  BCBGMAXAZRIA


Kenzie Leopard Print Dress Price: $24.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members & Free Returns


Kensie Women’s Watercolor Streak Dress $67.86 Free Shipping for Prime Members & Free Returns


Kensie Women’s Tie-Dye Dress $31.21 Free Shipping for Prime Members & Free Returns


BCBGMAXAZRIA Women’s Nikko Woven Sportswear Top$75.65 Free Shipping for Prime Members & Free Returns.



BCBGMAXAZRIA Women’s Veronika Sleeveless Colorblocked Top$158.00 Free Shipping for Prime Members & FREE Returns.

Thanks for swinging by! Let me know if you want any more fashion ideas, or if I can help you shop for any occasion. I love to find great fashion at reasonable prices and will work with you to fit your style and your budget!

Cheers for today!




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