My obsession with my two granddogters (yep, you read that right) ranks right up there with all of my other obsessions. Why not get your own dog, you ask? It was kind of a ‘Marlie and Me’ moment….. 

Britty was the love of our life. A chubby, 16 year old terri-poo rescue who loved to chase rabbits, cats, squirrels and just about anything else that moved. We’re not sure where this hunting instinct came from, perhaps the terrier in her, although she looked every bit a poodle. Her sense of smell and her intense hunting instinct made her crazed when Steve would yell, “Mr. Squirrel, Mr. Squirrel!” We could barely open the door when she would dart out to make chase! She lost a few front teeth on one of her ‘hunts.’ Living close to a wooded area, we would acquire an occasional field mouse houseguest in the garage. Britty could smell the rascal and when I opened the garage door to the house, she dove into the wall to grab the mouse, missed, and left a few front teeth behind.


God takes these wonderful creatures from us way before he should. The love and happiness they bring is unmatched and unparalleled.

It was a snowy Saturday morning when Steve showed up at my aerobics class and frantically blurted, “Something’s wrong with Britty and you need to come right now!” I quickly grabbed my jacket and when I opened the car door, I saw my little old lady lying on the front seat barely breathing. I took her limp body onto my lap as we raced to her vet. I kept talking to her telling her how much we loved her and wanted her to stay alive. Choking back the tears, I whispered, “It’s okay, Britty. It’s okay to let go….” By the time we walked into the vet’s office and layed her on a blanket covering the table, she took her last breath. But before she did, she turned her head towards us as if to say goodbye. Steve and I fell into each other’s arms sobbing.

My heart was broken as was Steve’s. Never wanting to experience that pain again has prevented me from getting another puppy…..








But now I have granddogs !

So… out granddogter Capri; Jodi and her boyfriend, Neil’s doggie.


 Jodi & Neil found Capri in an abandoned house at the University of Kentucky where they went to school. She had a brother that Jodi wishes they would have kept, but is in a good home. Capri, 8 years old, is part of a lot of things, and mostly cute. Quite honestly, I think she could talk if she tried hard enough!





And, meet Harper….Jeffrey & Alexandria’s puppy.


Harper is a two year old Australian Shepard that was bred on a farm in southern Ohio where Jeffrey & Alexandria chose her from the littler of puppies. Unfortunately, and to their dismay, she no longer had a tail when they picked her up, which is common for Aussies! When Harper was little, they left her with me while they went on vacation. She was such a bad girl! Harper would bite through the leash and take off running. I hired a dog trainer, but thought he was so mean, I asked him not to come back. With lots of patience, Harps has turned into a super loving and well trained dog…Thank heavens! 

This is a delicious summertime treat I found on Pinterest. Healthy & flavorful for you pooch and a perfect treat for a hot summer day.

Frozen Peanut Butter and Banana Doggie Treats

The name says it all!!66d22b4b6d33e1b6505e6e7442c99ebf


Oval Shaped Pet Magnets: DOG GRANDMA (Dogs) | Cars, Trucks, Refrigerators Price: $5.99 & FREE Shipping


PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Water Fountain – 1 Gallon by PetSafeWas: $37.59 Price: $35.02 Free Shipping for Prime Members


Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover, Orange Oxy, Trigger Spray by Nature’s MiraclePrice: $9.79 Free Shipping for Prime Members

Seriously….this is an AMZING PRODUCT!! It even removes red wine from carpeting and clothes without damaging the material…trust me, I know!! It makes the product ‘wine-out’ look worthless!! If you have kids, dogs, and messy friends…you’ll love this!!



Have a wonderful day and I hope you drop in again soon!

Cheers, Laura




































    1. Sorry I made you cry…..I know you are a doggie lover! The treats are super easy and freeze in ice cube trays! 🐾🐾


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